Premiere: B2 – Noiro – Trop C’est Trop [CNT004]

French Chat Noir Distribution (we talked about their family of labels here) is ready to present the fourth chapter of their series of tools. And we’re literally talking about tools – this is the release of the Chat Noir Tools label. The name explains a lot in this case, must say.

After the successful appearances of Vitess, Occibel, and Jo’z (especially this one, that was a part of our 2020 roundup), the Chat Noir crew decided to add a quite productive Parisian newcomer Noiro to their roster. 2021 has been a nice year for him already with landings on Mindhelmet (again, after their inaugural compilation) and Deep In Dis Intl. This will be the third one. Let’s check it track by track.

And we’ll start from the end, because today’s track, ‘Trop C’est Trop’ – is finishing the whole release on its B2 position. 369 seconds of mild house vibes, interrupted by some kind of retro “splashy” distorted percussion. I can understand why they decided to put it on B2, but you shouldn’t hesitate to play it at any time of the party you want. It will lean into it perfectly.

“It was a very difficult one to mix! I was crazy about the middle ages at that time and it really inspired me. This track, although it has more of an 80’s kind of sound, I definitely picture myself taking part in a knight’s jousting with this track in the background. That’s also why the EP is named Medievibes.”, – Noiro adds. Probably, he’s right here. But about “medieval” vibes on other parts of this wax?

‘Reflex Track’, as a good opener, can brag about the catchiest melody here – that’s what openers, probably, are usually doing on our shelves, when we are going to sleep. ‘Dorée Mie’ is a quite unexpected track on this release, compiling a very fast pace and that “nintendy” vibe of the video game OST. Not really thinking about “Aladdin” here, maybe, more “Sonic The Hedgehog” or “Jack Jackrabbit” type of music for some speedy runs. And our final one for today ‘Very Useful Human’ is, in my opinion, the most CNT-y track here – definitely continuing the vibe of all their previous releases (and also has a quite banging second part). Still, the most “medieval” track here is our premiered one above (or I just need to see that specific knight from Noiro’s picturing, haha).

The EP, by the way, is dropping soon, so don’t forget to buy it on Juno, Deejay, Decks, or wherever you’re buying your wax.

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