Trommel 2020 picks: this year’s top 100 tracks

    Photo: Courtesy of Thomas Lynge

    Let’s look back at 2020 once again. This has certainly been a year we’ll never forget. One cannot but agree on its ultimate severeness and cruelty. Yet despite all odds and misfortunes, we cannot dismiss a bunch of truly happy and pleasant moments.

    They all started mostly with the beginnings of these 100 tracks we picked up for you. I can say it was quite a challenge – despite the lack of events during this year, producers nearly doubled their efforts.

    There were almost 300 candidates in our long-list from all around the music globe of Trommel planet, but specifically, this final hundred brought us the biggest joy during hardships of 2020. So, without further ado – here’s our favourite 100 of the year.

    Unknown Artist – #DRGS06A [DRGS06]
    VOY – 11 B [VOY011]
    Silat Beksi & Miroloja – 300 Miles [OLOREC003]
    Views – 2020 Habibi [GT1]
    Tzena – 5am Inception [LMML$$$]
    Nemo Vachez – Accordion [UTTU103]
    Santiago Uribe – Acid Para Luigi [PH005]
    SINM – Ain’t No Moe Taco [beamdump.1]
    Driss Bennis pres. OCB – Algorhythmic Control [CSV06]
    The Spicy Inspector – Amonal V [RGS007]
    Unknown Artist – AOL [CHOKO001]
    Mr. Ho + Mogwaa – Bail-E [WRECKS030]
    b0n – Bitch Face [SBEE002]
    Alec Falconer – Boaty Banger [AOD005]
    Chris Stussy & Toman – Boiling Point [LCS002]
    MehdiM – Break The Juno [SAKANAT001]
    Adam Curtain – BYOT (Harry Wills’ Give It A Lick Remix) [TRBLMKR12009]
    Youandewan – Cola Beach [PURESHORES-001]
    DiSKOP – Crasher [BLACKLOOPS8]
    Fabe – Def Yours (Rhadoo Remix) [KUSI008]
    Tunik – Danse Macabre [MOJ13]
    Unknown Artist – Deter [DIGWAH05]
    Ricardo Villalobos – Detrant [RWX013]
    Audri – Dizzy Freq (Domenico Rosa Remix) [ALB011]
    Jo’z – Drop The Bass [CNT003]
    Andy Panayi – Elemental [REAL004]
    Paolo Macrì – Energize [STL003]
    Fio Fa – Fantasm [DUALITY1]
    B From E – Float [BUDDA02]
    Denis Kaznacheev – From The Best Sources [JFD001]
    Giammarco Orsini & Pancratio – FTL Mode [OTTAHEKO2]
    ჯონი ბორჯომი – ხო [MOVES001]
    Jhobei – Grande Sultry [HELMET_01]
    Bliss Inc. – Hacking The Planet [RADIANTLOVE002]
    Igor – Hand Me My Dancing Shoes [PUNCHLINE01]
    Unknown Artist – Hollywood [RCHDTS002]
    Rodrigo Velasquez – House Latin No Year [FIR006]
    Peaky & Pinder – How Did I Get Here? [PBR003]
    Josh Baker – In Two Minds [SOI10]
    Innershades – It’s Time [TP14]
    dot13 – Jukebox [ITWS001]
    Asper Bothrops – Jumpin’ Jack Flash [domesticated004]
    Solär Sound System – K7 [OPIA007]
    Δ – KΔTΔTTΔK [XRD002]
    Martyné – King Lui [TRA016]
    Huerta – Kollecta [SLPFNK024]
    Cuartero & Bodeler – Lamine [CC003]
    Son Of A Gun – Le Vol [PUNCHLINE01]
    Prince de Takicardie – Live 4 Love [LMBG10]
    Tim Schlockermann – Locked [LV1]
    Youandewan – Loophole [SMALLHOURS-003]
    Zenk – Lunar Club [MCRB004]
    Binh ‎– Mandarine [CABARET021]
    Corp – Massified Paranoia [LUTZIFER01]
    Joe Rolet – Maximum Width (Rich NxT Remix) [INFUSE041]
    Do Or Die – Morning To Loose [LIB14]
    Ethel – Moustic [RARE008]
    Roma Khropko – Movie Maker [CRIME002]
    Henry Hyde – My Function [NSR006]
    James Andrew – New Synth, Who Dis? [NBN002]
    Paolo Mosca – Now I Know Their Name [SL025]
    Michael James – O.H. Groove [INFUSE039]
    DJOKO – Off The Remmy [HOOVE01]
    Sally C – OG Chunker [BIGSALDOSCHUNKERS001]
    Ollie Rant – Only A Few [HARD01]
    Priku & Traumer – Operation [BERGAMON11]
    Do Or Die – Paint The White House Black [AOD009]
    Spage – Party Hello [RAQ001]
    Ricardo Villalobos & Maher Daniel – Periodico [TOS008]
    Nayve – Prysma (Joey Jackson Remix) [ACR001]
    Barac – Return To Eden [MMNT007]
    Harry Wills – Rubix [2XYELLOW]
    Fsk24, nils – Satellite Jam [LDDLJ002]
    Ancut – Sinergia [WB025]
    Alec Falconer – Something For Mtkvarse [2XGREEN]
    Oden & Fatzo – Spaceship For Sale [SN011]
    Fabe – Stai Con Me [UTS01]
    Gene On Earth – Storsly [HELMET_01]
    The Warmers – Sunday Medication [NANO001]
    Nathan Melja – Synesthesia [OYSTER21]
    Data Memory Access – Technology [MW001]
    Vytamin – Telemetro [TERRAFIRM5]
    Varhat – Telharmonic [AKU018]
    Jacques Chirac – Temple [75003]
    Kristina – Test V2 [OBRANI005]
    Lazare Hoche & S.A.M. – The GB Track [PERFECT001]
    Emotive Response – Trance Code [AAL011]
    Holloway – Turn Up (feat. Logan) [INSTINCT009]
    Liquid Earth – Twisted Metal [BSU004]
    Visitor – Untitled A1 [AODRSD001]
    Unknown Artist – Untitled B2 [TELUM006]
    Antoine Sy – Varivari [PTN015A]
    Irie Nation – Vibrations & Soul [JIGIT001]
    Triform – Vinaloop [FAC-01]
    Kosh – Virtual Reality [DKTP001]
    Ricc – Welcome To Club Robojazz [THEAJM001]
    LVCA & Marlon – WePlay [SOCK002]
    Payphone – Where It Hertz [HYPM001]
    Costin RP – You Me Space [WINDER05]
    Ilyes & Gauvain – Zonen [KRB003]

    Please note that this section is a collection of 100 tracks that the team at Trommel enjoyed most in the passing year. It should not be intended as a ranking or chart/classification in any form, and the list of tracks is made following track name A-Z order. It is also reflecting the subjective taste of the team components from their personal but of course limited knowledge of what has been released during 2020. 

    You can check our previous selections from 2018 and 2019.

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