Premiere: A1 – Innershades – It’s Time [TP014]

Belgian producer Innershades has been releasing music on wax to the masses since 2013, but it’s only in the past couple of years that his music has been picked up the likes of Binh, DJ Koolt, Z@p and a whole host similar-ilk DJs. It’s easy to see why his releases are so adored, a lot of producers can release a peak-time track but very few can make one as brilliant and rambunctious as Innershades.

That’s why we’re so pleased to present the premiere of Innershades’ ‘It’s Time’. The title track of his second EP on Binh’s Time Passages label.

Effective and memorable peak-time tracks constantly walk the fine line of being dramatic enough to whip a crowd into a frenzy, but not so so dramatic that the track becomes a spectacle. The Belgian manoeuvres this fine line excellently once again. There’s a wonderful combination of chaos and melancholy within Innershades’ best-released music and It’s Time is no different. The bass drums and claps are pulsating, the bassline is apocalyptically throbbing and the melody wouldn’t be out of place the eeriest of horror films. All these elements meld together for a mind-melting track.

Also featuring on the EP is ‘Forum’, a guaranteed party-starter defined by its acid bleeps and driving bassline. The B-side plays host to ‘Euphoria In Ginza’. which beautifully illustrates Innershades’ prowess beyond the primetime with a breaks track which has a mellowness that’s sure to jerk tears if it’s the closing track of a night. Rounding off the EP is ‘No Romantic’, a no-nonsense acid track which has also been hotly sort after as an elusive ID for months.

It’s Time is available to purchase now from Decks, Juno or any good record store.

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