Trommel.161 – Innershades

EYA Records, Time Passages, Cabaret Records, Altered Circuits, and Cartullis all have one thing in common – Innershades. His undeniable basslines, future retro vibe and high impact on the dancefloor have all helped to build an iron clad discography. From lush alien soundscapes, bullet proof drums and a certain style that leaves few questions as to who crafted each particular bomb.

Positioning himself in the electro end of the underground Thomas Blankaert is no one trick pony as he consistently shifts the goal posts as well as the tempo, energy levels and mood. Easily combining uplifting acid soaked synth lines with the most abrasive breaks and house forged in the depths of 1980’s hell. All this makes for a stunningly cohesive sound that is all of his own. These are just a few of the reasons we have invited Thomas to provide the sounds for our latest podcast.

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