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Trommel.161 – Innershades

EYA Records, Time Passages, Cabaret Records, Altered Circuits, and Cartullis all have one thing in common – Innershades. His undeniable basslines, future retro vibe...

Alien Communications prep another 18-hour rave at The Cause

Since launching in 2019, DJ.Rise and Bays’ Alien Communications project has already made a wide range of contributions to the scene. Delivering several carefully...

Premiere: A2 – Innershades & Do Or Die – Exit Level [EYA012]

EYA Record's 12th release is a collab from Do Or Die and Innershades, two producers currently at the top of their game. It was never going to disappoint.

Review: Emotive Response – Emotions ’95 EP [AAL011]

Belgian producer Innershades launches his new project, Emotive Response, revisiting trance from the golden era of the '90s, albeit with modern twists and a signature Innershades touch.

Premiere: A1 – Innershades – It’s Time [TP014]

There's very few producers, if any, who are crafting better peak-time tracks than Innershades and he showcases his prowess once again with a return to Binh's Time Passages.

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