Premiere: A2 – Innershades & Do Or Die – Exit Level [EYA012]

If you cast your mind back over the past two years, which two artists spring to mind when you think of high energy, peak-time records? You wouldn’t have to get far down to list to include both Belgian producer Innershades and Madrid-based producer Do Or Die, in fact, they might be the top two. Lucky for you, they’ve collaborated for London-based record label EYA, with a sublime four-track EP.

What makes this collaboration so exciting, is that it’s not rare for producers to release their joint-studio sessions, but for two artists at the top of their game with somewhat similar styles to team up is incredibly exciting. Listening to EP in full, our high expectations feel very much vindicated.

A2’s ‘Exit Level’ in particular sounds like an almost perfect combination of both of their signature sounds. Whilst the former’s craft lies in redesigning techno with elements of acid, EBM and electro, Innershades’ penchant for esoteric, trance-inspired melodies and an emphasis on bass, they come together wonderfully.

Whilst the EP is listed as a double effort and no individual credits are given, on ‘Exit Level’ it’s easy to imagine these two jamming in the studio, Do Or Die introducing the spitting 303s, vintage vocals and the gliding, haunting melody whilst Innershades gets programming the booming drums and shoulder-swinging bassline.

EYA are never ones to skip space on wax, so also featuring on the EP is the pulsating and sweat-inducing, Digital Modulation, but B1’s ‘Function’ gives Digital Modulation a run for it’s sweat-inducing money thanks to a mammoth-sized bassline that’s as packed with funk as it is with bass. ‘System Error’ rounds off the EP as perhaps the least rambunctious of the lot although naturally with Innershades and Do Or Die as producers, it would still pack a Mike Tyson punch on the dancefloor.

Innershades & Do Or Die’s Function EP will be available to purchase soon from Decks, Juno or any good record store of your choice.

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