Premiere: A2 – Kristina – Test V2 [OBRANI005]

Ukranian artist Kristina returns to her own Obrani Records label with the upfront 4 track ‘This Is Only A Test’ EP and there is no time for short interludes or intro’s here as it is straight down to brass tacks. If you don’t believe us on this, just listen to the podcast she recorded for us back in October 2019

The more groovier part of the release lies with A2 cut ‘Test 2’, a huge kick and raw off hat is soon joined by deep bass tones and a more rounded upbeat bassline that stays with the track through. Pads that hark back to the 90’s rave era soon join the party and slowly fade into view which perfectly offset the pumping soundtrack in the fore ground. Once those pads drop and the beats kick back in the bassline takes on a more acidic form and it’s not long before we are in peak time territory.

Acid is definitely a theme that runs throughout the release as A1 track ‘Test 1’ opens up the gates to full and lets all the acid out in this peak time wigged out stomper. In the flip ‘Test 3’ is a bit more of a forlorn breakbeat affair but still with flecks of acid creeping in with the screaming, yet toned down synth pads yawning out. Completing the package is TC80’s sinister bassline heavy 4/4 refix of ‘Test 3’. Adding in extra edge the Frenchman takes his remix into a whole new realm and toughens up the already taught drums and bolts them on to the existing bassline to form a rock-solid dancefloor weapon.

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