Premiere: D1 – Priku & Traumer – Operation [BERGAMON11]

There are some serious forces at work on the next Berg Audio release, the much anticipated LP of Parisian power artist Traumer. ‘Assembling Pieces’ features eight artist originals and a trio of collaborations across three records, making for an album bursting with goodness. Of course this one has been on our radar for a little while since track snippets were teased out back in Jan this year, all of which can be heard via our page here. The wait for the full thing is now over and whilst the talent across said collabs is undeniable, the combination of Priku & Traumer is quite possibly the biggest bomb of the bunch.

‘Operation’ is a dancefloor weapon. Which comes as no surprise really, when two heads so well versed in commanding an audience are behind the making of it.

The sub bass thumps pointedly while a deep growling bassline oozes the groove. Samples litter the forefront; sly strings, orchestral choirs and a cool, chopping vocal each play their part. In its progression, oscillating synths gradually glide into the limelight before a standout breakdown. It’s a dreamy, lifted affair tantalising enough to have neck hairs standing at full attention before that big bass drops back home.

This exquisite combination of sounds continues to build deep into the track, until warm keys emanating tones of euphoria bridge briefly, nestled in the serious stabbing synthline that remains so prevalent throughout. So as not to detract from the energies required for the dance, it’s the perfect balance of feeling and groove.

‘Operation’ might be reason alone to add this one to your collection, but there is certainly a lot to be said for the LP as a whole. Traumer has had this one in the making for a long time and it comes seven years since his last. Berg Audio have pulled a blinder here, therefore do not forget to join their OFF Barcelona event where both Traumer and Priku will play, alongside Andrey Pushkarev, DJOKO, Harrison BDP, Janeret and Lola Palmer

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