Trommel 2018 picks: this year top 100 tracks

    When we quizzed Amsterdam based DJ Reiss as one of our Rising Stars near the beginning of 2018, we asked what excited him most about electronic music at the moment. He replied: “The fact there’s so much inspiring and original music coming out.

    At the time, we most certainly agreed but as 2018 draws to an emotional close, his words have stuck with us and we couldn’t agree more.

    Without further ado and in no particular order, here at Trommel we’d like to present to you our top 100 tracks of 2018. Enjoy!

    Azimute – The Secret (Cristi Cons Remix) [COR12148]
    Cezar Lazar – Wedmar [AMP015]
    Unknown Artist – Ijzeren Rots [DIGWAH03]
    Cabanne – Erobique [YOYAKU001]
    Unknown – Track001A [Botanic Minds / BMSS005]
    Sublee – Irealis [MEANDER 24]
    Evan Baggs – New Language [PARTOUT2.01]
    Giuliano Lomonte – Mediterranee [UVARLTD003]
    Cally – Vo Lu [UVARLTD003]
    Björk – Undo (Traumer ‘Bird In Dub’ Edit)
    Unknown Artist – DRGS02A [DRGS002]
    Ben Rau – Systeme Solaire [INKAL004]
    Etienne – Rez [TRAFFIC013]
    caLLy – Yes no, Maybe So [MTMLTD001]
    PATAGONIA (Noha & Alex Tea) – Chi Ci Pensa [PP04]
    Ferro – Endresonic [VBX005]
    The Mole – Set You Free (Amorf interpretation) [MEANDER023]
    Capeesh Society – Stumbling In [CAPSOC001]
    Guy From Downstairs – Rodul [CV008]
    Unknown Artist – Unknown [STOWAWAY003]
    Unknown Artist – DRGS03B [DRGS003]
    Romar – Chasing Dreams [BLEUCIEL008]
    Unknown Artist – Untitled B1 [TELUM003]
    Michael James – Apologies For The Delay (Traumer Remix) [ROWLE003]
    Nu Zau – No Internet Connection [CVLTD003]
    Mandar – String Theory [OSC012]
    Archie Hamilton & Benson Herbert – Informer (S.A.M Reshape) [MOSCOW024]
    Rich NxT – Serious [FUSE029]
    Seb Zito – On It [PLAY031]
    Herck – Kate [RM004]
    Gene On Earth ‎- Like A Glove [LD003]
    SIT – Alternate (Steve O’Sullivan remix) [SUSH16]
    V&V – Untitled A side [V&V001]
    Xor49 – Untitled A [XOR49 01]
    Cinthie – Together [803 Crystal Grooves 001]
    Nathaniel Garry/Timothy Clerkin – Nathaniel’s House (Vinyl Only)
    Sakro – Dark Matter [PLZ005S1]
    Denis Kaznacheev – Non Tuplet Eights [ROT 001]
    Anton Kubikov – Foggy (Original Mix) [HSBRGV008]
    Subb-An – Another Time [PZ029]
    Riccardo – Fusion [AMZS005]
    Goddard – Anomaly [CHURCH W15]
    Christian Jay – Reform [NSR004]
    Alex Pervukhin – Hommie Gruv (Kyiv Edit) [LAC001]
    Lateral Line – Redgreen I (Seuil remix) [SND005]
    Alessio Viggiano – Planetary Swing [Beste Freunde ‎– BFF06]
    Bodin – Revox [Traffic014]
    Mihai Pol – Synkop [FNV002]
    Rare Two Inc – Keepers Of The Flame (Vinyl Only)
    Camelia – Wingspan [JOULE07]
    Amorf – Manifold Surface [AMP016]
    Bodin – Gecko [Traffic014]
    Jerelo – Track 2 [JER002] (Vinyl Only)
    Direkt – Untitled A1 [Botanic Minds Sunset Series] (BMSS06)
    Sepp – Nilut [RAWAX / RWX01]
    Alex Troubetzkoy – Psych & Couac [Parama004]
    Nu Zau – Lolita [UVAR009]
    LOSE ENDZ – #3 [BBM 001] (Vinyl Only)
    Anton Kubikov – Ten Days Past Acid (Dubtil remix) [MAYAK009]
    Sepp – Valtul Rozelor [PLZ026.2]
    Mihigh – Roll Over (Rhadoo remix) [MRR004]
    Unknown – Unknown [EEE002]
    Z@P – Tracid [CRTL006]
    Ion Ludwig – The Originated Fathers [UGOLD VI]
    Faster – Almost standing [SNTH002]
    Makcim & Levi – On a Springroll [OSC11]
    Draculas Lutz & Omar – Tschuss [MOJ 08]
    Shonky – Can Pep [SHNK000]
    Randaru – Buddha (Vid Recostruieste Mix) [ANIMAELTD005]
    Pola – Hopes For Jokes [NILLA012]
    Mihai Pol – Pam (Suciu Remix) [SYNSTH002]
    Jamahr – Blue Sun [SLPL 004] (Vinyl Only)
    SIT – Layers [Sushitech / SUSH045]
    SIT – Elevation [Sushitech / SUSH045]
    Janeret – Odyssey [TARTOUFFE07]
    Roman Flügel – Bibo [HWSD011]
    Akufen – I Love 2 Wiggle [Telharmonic Texture]
    Cally – Cutie [MALONIAN005]
    MIKI – Howl013.1 [HOWL013]
    Rafael Kasma – Irrational Pig (Youandewan Dub) [SIRION046]
    Frazer Campbell – Glad Its All Knight [COUNTERFEITSOUL2] (Vinyl Only)
    Sascha Funke – Purple Hill (Tuff City Kids Remix) [EF85]
    Niko Maxen – Orion [SS014]
    Capeesh Society – Unite On The Dancefloor [CAPSOC002]
    Youandewan – Thewizzwasfordillysmissus [AUS131]
    Remus – Ever (Michael James Remix) [SNTPL012]
    Shaolin Fantastic – Kindness [SPOON001]
    Teluric – Pulsaţii Profunde (S.A.M. Remix) [JOULE05]
    Doubtingthomas – Diapason [ORG018]
    Traumer – Bau Match [ALLINN029]
    Unknown – Pegasi [OGE005]
    Alex Pervukhin – Lil’ Souvenir [LAC002]
    iO (Mulen) – Angular [SM005]
    Fumiya Tanaka – On A Bass [Perlon ‎– PERL117-1]
    Mihigh & Lizz – Lobochix [MELODROM01]
    Loop Exposure – Take Care [TMFR002]
    Voigtmann – Confessions of a Time Traveller [SUBLN001]
    Maayan Nidam – Die Sonne Innere [PERL119LP]
    Unknown Artist – Nova [RATEDITS001]

    As you can see, it’s been an incredibly inspiring 2018. We hope for our sake and yours, 2019 is just as good! Hopefully better

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