Premiere: A1 – Oden & Fatzo – Spaceship For Sale [SN011]

French production collective Oden & Fatzo debut on Fabe’s Salty Nuts for the label’s first output of 2020.

The collaborative live act between Parisian duo Oden and Liam Fattori of Fatzo have been making waves in the minimal market, with multiple releases together on Into The Groove and iO Mulen’s Hoarder, as well as numerous solo endeavours.

After the unlikely circumstances of meeting in a quest to get paid from a gig they both had played, a chemistry was struck up between the pair which led to a string of vinyl releases and a stacked global tour schedule.

‘Spaceship for Sale’ showcases the positive, uplifting sound that the crew have been pushing in their live shows and the recent Trommel podcast. Warm, punchy drums are laced with a joyful, ear worm synth line that could remain in your head for hours.

The sound of Oden & Fatzo carries a feeling of nostalgia in its aesthetic, whilst remaining futuristic in ideas. ‘Casinomania’s dreamy, rhodes-like piano washes up against a squelchy acid sequence, both nursed by tight, old school 909 rhythms.

Embracing the fruits of both analogue and digital production knowledge spread across the three producers, ideas sound collaborative, creating this complimentary old meets new vibe to the crew’s music.

‘69 Party Boys’ is a testament to this unique approach. Bubbly melodies unfold with a pleasing, musical essence before slipping into a breakdown of sun-kissed euphoria. Bright piano chords open over a hopeful, feel good vocoder section, working with slick drum breaks and a plethora of melodies darting between beats.

Label head Fabe concludes the EP with a neat remix, shaping a classic organ bassline and fizzing hats coated in his signature, swung style.

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