Premiere: 4 – Oden & Fatzo – Taboulet Malgache (Archie Hamilton’s String Theory Mix) [MOSCOW043]

Parisian trio Oden & Fatzo are on a serious roll at the moment, having sadly reduced their numbers from four to three back in June prior to delivering their first podcast for us their start had already began to ascend. As well as a huge number of impressive live performances Oden & Fatzo have already featured on a number of top imprints and their ‘Cats Love Jazz’ EP for Archie Hamlton’s Moscow Records is right up there at the top.

Leading out with label boss Archie Hamilton’s String Theory mix of ‘Taboulet Malgache’ there is an immediate balance struck between the atmosphere and the business end of a filtered acid bassline. This is something that Oden & Fatzo do amazingly well and their wide selection of hardware synths gives them an extremely rich sound palette that features heavily in all their tracks. Archie really takes this track and runs with it and beefs up the drum programming, so where the original version skips along with snares and percussion lightening the load Archie straightens out things and concentrates on the pure groove. His clever use of the chopped vocal samples and of course the ever-rising superstring section really takes this version to a new level.

With Oden & Fatzo able to turn their hands to a great many genres and styles the trio impresses on the title track ‘Cats Love Jazz’ and we are certain that any cat would be digging the jazzy keys and sweet string sections here. ‘Slowrama’ completes this excellent release nicely, male vocals swagger in and out of the mix while the rounded funky bassline twists and turns. There is no doubt that great things are on the horizon for this talented trio of artists, whether it’s in the studio or behind their mountain of hardware Oden & Fatzo are unmissable.

Grab the EP on pre-order now via Beatport.

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