Trommel.099 – Archie Hamilton

For the first of the milestones that our podcast series will celebrate in the near future, we have invited London producer Archie Hamilton to deliver a 2-hour studio mix set to recreate the perfect vibe from all the stages and dancefloor he wishes could be or was booked to play at. More specifically, “Clubs like Robert Johnson, DC10, Mint Club and Elysia. Festivals like Gottwood, Sunwaves, Glastonbury, Caprices and Epizode. The podcast is a selection of tracks that remind me of all the good times I’ve had there, and what I would play if I was there now with you all.  Hopefully, the mix will take you to those places and hopefully we’ll be there again together soon!”

The man is no stranger to these pages with the many labels he is heading: Moscow Records, Moss Co. and the collaboration with Rossko for their Arkityp project, without forgetting the many EP released on imprints such as FUSE, Digwah, Sukhumvit Records, Pleasure Zone and many more.

The recent years have been a steady and consistent run for the DJ, playing in all corners of the word and on the most important dance-floors. Recently, both the release of his first LP “Archive Fiction” and the invite for the BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix were the cherry on the cake of his outstanding and growing career, and we are more than happy to have finally him as part of our journey.

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