Premiere: 5 – Oden & Fatzo – Sad Donkey [SR002]

Usually known for their feel-good rollers, the threesome that makes up Oden & Fatzo are firmly in peak time electro mode for their next EP. Where else would the French outfit turn up than their own Sake Records imprint.

The 5-track digital-only EP tells the story of their intergalactic adventures and we have chosen ‘Sad Donkey’ as our pick of the release.

Pounding 808 toms lead out ‘Sad Donkey’ and the filtering electro synth that sets the pace from the beginning. The punchy breakbeats sit perfectly with the spacey synth jams that you can imagine the 3 lads jumping about to in the studio. The upbeat breaks fit perfectly with the futuristic musical elements while also give a nod to the ’90s.

Rewinding back to ‘Intro’ Oden & Fatzo soon dive headlong into the lushness of their hardware synths. They conjure up more electro goodness in the form of title track ‘Toboggan’ and more breaks converge in a more light-hearted mood.

‘Retro Dive’ is more like the Oden & Fatzo of old where uplifting synths and deep basslines combine to create a stunning arrangement of sound. ‘Blue Sun Hours’ drops things down a little while retaining the funk that we have become so accustomed to. The team might be down a member but they prove with this latest EP they still have it in spades.

The ‘Toboggan’ EP from Oden & Fatzo is now available from the Sake Records Bandcamp page.

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