Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – AOL [CHOKO001]


Our next premiere needs no introduction. But we’ll give you one anyway. Two absolute classics have been re-rubbed into some serious weaponry for the dance floor. And as we begin to edge closer to the prospect of normality, the timing fits rather nicely. These bombs will soon be readily at your disposal thanks to Chklte and his new label, CHOKO.

Chklte most recently featured on our pages back in August, when we premiered ‘The Sway Effect’ over on We R The Aliens. He might just have upped the ante with CHOKO001.

The A-side plays host to a serious groover. Low slung, stomp inducing bassline delivers at pace. The tribute begins with Whatever, Girl’s ‘Activator’. The vocal slowly fades in, shrouded in shimmering synth. As the tempo slows, time almost comes to a standstill; save for the thumping beat that brings it back.

Flip over onto the B for an equally endearing re-edit. The original it comes from is instantly recognisable, a timeless classic. Age Of Love has and continues to be a regular feature of the rave and this edit brilliantly featured as part of Gescu recent Trommel podcast, an extract taken from his set at Mioritmic 2019.

The powerhouse trance techno has been respectfully stripped back into a deep, minimal roller. Punching beat laced with a dark, layered melody kicks off a determined mood. As the growling bassline takes hold, the rhythms cooly slip into breaks. That juicy vocal is truly celebrated, echoing over and over for a long stretch before a slick delay treatment on the breakdown announces the drop. If this was endless, it would not tire.

Such an ode to the 90s will no doubt be a popular one, with the release expected to hit shelves next month. Pressing of CHOKO001 will be limited, but you can pre-order over at now to avoid missing out.

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