Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Unknown [DRGS06]

DRGS06 A side vinyl sleeve

Dragutesku’s prolific DRG Series provide a source of comfort in their sixth release, continuing their signature genre fusing take on slick loopy house in these uncertain times of COVID-19 lockdown.

Clever use of sampling forms the foundations of the track, with R&B-esque vocals shimmering over the familiar Romanian influenced drum patterns executed with delightful precision.

Similar vocal cuts heard in the previously premiered fifth release return in the form of Biggie Smalls’ classic Notorious B.I.G, intertwining samples with another via neat use of delay and reverbs bringing a playful attitude to the track.

A delicate piano riff loops over on the B side, again shaping hip-hop driven flavours with intricate patterns hosting an energy more tailored to the warm up stroke after hours set, when compared to the higher energy A side.

The sought after series plays a close eye to an accessible formula in each of their releases. Integrating relatable vocal blips and patterns within simplistic yet slick realms of 4/4 drum patterns, opens the door to a vast market of diggers.

Support from many of Dragutesku’s associates in Priku, Pedro and Mihigh have been spinning the series since inception, as well as an eager audience of vinyl enthusiasts.

Pairing the moreish music with a tasteful vinyl package, pressed at 180 grams often on coloured records, it is no surprise that each release is fought over by the Discogs sharks, with every release selling for way over the odds.

Preorder the record at & listen back to previous DRG Series premieres: DRGS02A, DRGS03B, DRGS04A, DRGS04B, DRGS05A.

More info on Dragutesku
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More info on DRG Series
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