Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – #DRGS07A [DRGS007]

DRG007 Art

Dragutesku’s DRG Series returns with its seventh release.

The sought after series continues to explore the realms of sampling, working hip hop bars and lush vocals over slick minimal beats.

Snippets of Snoop Dogg vocals set the tone in the featured A-side. Pristine drums loop over a mean, nostalgic synth line that sounds fresh from the old school Grand Theft Auto video game series. Cruising a jeep through the streets with Dragutesku’s lean rhythms rocking the system.

Parts are packed with attitude. From the creepy acid lines to the J-Dilla like snares, refreshing confidence and laid back atmospheres come through on the record.

A moreish, sustained piano part wraps around the rhythm, introducing vocal snippets and clever breakdowns adding pleasant variation to the arrangement. Skippy hats glimmer over a dusty, hip-hop-inspired drum palate packed with bite and gradually evolving over the ten-minute arrangement.

Slippery female vocals narrate the flip side. Slinky hats loop over a dreamy high end and sleazy sub-bass casting a gentle, mystical atmosphere.

The Romanian imprint has been shaping this genre-fusing approach in each of their now sold out releases. Opening the door to minimal and microhouse territories with an accessible and welcoming essence.

Dipping into a number of genres explores the unique journey building opportunities available with sampling. Pinning a variety of styles to the delicate formation of rolling drums and tricky basslines familiar with this corner of minimalist dance music.

Preorder the record at & listen back to previous DRG Series premieres DRGS02A, DRGS03B, DRGS04A, DRGS04B, DRGS05A, and DRGS06.

More info on Dragutesku
Facebook | Soundcloud | Bandcamp | Discogs

More info on DRG Series
Facebook | Soundcloud | Discogs

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