Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – #DRGS04B [DRGS004]

Earlier this month we brought you advanced listening of the stellar A side of this unknown release on DRG Series where Cerrone’s seminal ‘Supernature’ was given a minimal facelift to devastating effect, but the B side is just too good not to share with you.

Flipping over DRGS004 you will find something just as rousing and even more cosmic that the A side. The bare groove at the start of record complete with plinks and plonks arc at something more techy and darker but patience is rewarded with a welcome injection of calm. The swelling synths seem to draw the ear in one direction while the impending break pulls in another direction. The approach of a celestial being seals the deal with dreamy rhetoric but not before she has her fill of the crunchy drums and swinging groove they create. We have a funny feeling that with this release DRG Series will be able to add more than a few fans to their database.

This DRGS004 EP is now available from

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