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DRG Series

Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – #DRGS07A [DRGS007]

Bucharet's DRG Series returns with its seventh release. Sleazy hip hop and rap samples wrap around tidy minimalist beats and nimble basslines.

Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Unknown [DRGS06]

Dragutesku's DRG Series continues its prolific streak of well received releases. Gaining support from the likes of Priku and Pedro among others, the Unknown Artist series continues to dazzle vinyl enthusiasts across the circuit with a hip hop inspired approach to minimal house. Hear the A side premiered in full ahead of the forthcoming release.

Premiere: B1 – Unknown Artist – #DRGS04B [DRGS004]

Earlier this month we brought you advanced listening of the stellar A side of this unknown release on DRG Series where Cerrone's seminal ‘Supernature’...

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