Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – DRGS02A [DRGS002]

The DRG Series is back after the success of DRGS 001 earlier in the year, back with DRGS 002 again by an Unknown Artist. Here at Trommel we’re proud to premiere the A side ‘DRGS02A’.

The ‘Unknown Artist’ trend is arguably at an all-time high but DRGS is all substance no hype. The melodic bassline is blissfully complimented but glitchy clicks and rhythmic pads. The defining feature of the track is Latin inspired vocals that give it a distinct style of groove that can only be achieved through a near perfect mix of musical elements. The track feels perfect for those sunny mid-afternoon festival sets as well as those intimate sunrise sets where dusk brings a feeling of bliss to the venue.

You can like the DRG series on Facebook, and DRGS02 will be available on wax to purchase via Juno, Decks or your chosen record store.

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