Premiere: A2 – Dragutesku – Emergent [VRLTD002]

Having featured on VRNT’s first outing in remix mode Dragutesku returns to the Canadian imprint to present an EP all of his own design. The three-track ‘Extaz’ EP features a varying amount of the Romanian’s moods and textures and while each track is fairly different styles they all still remain cohesive and quintessential Dragutesku.

Dragutesku’s ear for unique and interesting percussion is pushed to the fore on A2 ‘Emergent’ as what sounds like a metal pole being struck is given a new lease of life. The track as a whole has a very eerily feel to it and could quite easily soundtrack a tense moment in a minimal horror flick. The bowed strings and distant moaning paint a horrific scene but in just the right way. As ever the production is tight and the plane of sound is impressive with sounds dropping into the mix from all over the place to keep the ear from wandering too far from the action.

A1 ‘Extaz’ is much different beast as there is positively upbeat air about it that is almost tangible. Undulating bass tones underpin a floaty melody and ethereal pad. There is again a fine example of Dragutesku’s fantastic sound design skills and of course his vocal sampling is second to none.

Closing out the release from the Canadian imprint is the punchy of ‘Venus’. Featuring the tightly wound drums that Dragutesku is well known. Shortened to a point like a one inch punch from Bruce Lee the grooves keep time while the a mysteriously meandering vocal tells the tale of a long-forgotten story. Repeating rung bells dance around the tech filled atmosphere surrounding it in an echoing spell that bleeds throughout the entire track.

The EP will be available at shortly.

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