Premiere: A1 – Cuartero & Bodeler – Lamine [CC003]

The aptly named Cuartero Concept is a platform for the label boss himself to put out a select handful of his own creations. Cuartero has been drip feeding these releases since launching back in 2018 and we’re about to receive number three. Simply titled CC003, the artist has enlisted the creative energies of Bodeler, flowing all the way across the Atlantic Ocean from Argentina. It’s not the first time the pair have connected, with Cuartero & Bodeler having played together at Buenos Aires club Crobar a few years back.

This isn’t the only gang Bodeler has joined of late, having become part of Tini’s gang late last year. We premiered his debut on the POTG label here.

Cuartero & Bodeler feature together on all three tracks of the CC003 EP. The record opens with ‘Lamine’, an up beat march that builds from the beginning. Drums pound and reverb, dipping into a melody with the slightest of pitch control fed from the drum skins themselves. The bassline thuds a subtle groove underneath a not so subtle vocal. It’s clear the lady with lungs is riled about something as she shouts over the beat, a sound which instills an infectious energy in a serious fashion.

The track centres around the breakdown. The bassline is stripped, the exclamation intensifies and percussive samples patter amidst digital bleeps and trips. Only for a short time, before that pumping beat returns with the drop, queued to play out until the end.

Buy the record from or Juno. Expected release 3rd August.

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