Premiere: B2 – Data Memory Access – Technology [MW001]

When we spoke to Giammarco Orsini back in 2018, we mentioned about his talent for connecting a dancefloor through his records, yet the Italian producer was important to note that you also need to find the right time and method of playing these special records. Upon the first listen of his ‘Experience’ EP, which kickstarts new Berlin-based label Mood Waves, it’s clear that Orsini, alongside fellow Italian Jacopo Latini, have produced something special and it’s easy to see the dancefloor moments where it’d fit perfectly.

B2’s Technology dips its toes in both the hustle and bustle of peak-time on a dancefloor and the morning melancholy that encompasses a party that’s beginning to dwindle down. The gliding bassline and flirts of modulated hardware provide the former whilst the breakbeat-inspired drums ditch their usual BPM and combine along with an esoteric melody and vocal hook to produce the latter. The end result is a track that feels like it connects to you on a deeper level beyond a mere dancefloor track, before kicking back into life and reminding you that it’s time to dance.

Also featuring on the four-track EP is A1’s pulsating ‘Experience’, a surefire serotonin-producer that’s loaded up on a glistening melody, throbbing drums and a bassline which conjures up the statement ‘Please don’t let this night end’. A2 features ‘Ended’, an ambient trip and a possible sister-track to ‘Experience’ that showcases how far Orsini and Latini can push their synths. Completing the EP is ‘Acid In My Mind’, a surging and punchy acid track that sets itself apart from the plethora of acid music out there with it’s catchy albeit no-nonsense bassline that’s sure to push the tempo up a notch or two.

It’s hopefully the first of many outings from the pair under their new collaboration title, Data Memory Access, with Latini often found flickering between his native city of Bologna and the German capital. His co-founded label Taboo Traxx offers a creative space for essential and dreamy dancefloor sounds, the third release of which is coming this summer.

Mood Waves 001 will soon be available to buy from Juno, Deejay and all good record stores.

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