Premiere: B2 – Nayve – Prysma (Joey Jackson Remix) [ACR001]

Since exploding onto the Manchester scene back in May 2018 the AnimalCrossing crew have quickly set about shaking things up massively. From their playful artwork, on-point booking policy and inane ability to unearth some of the city’s finest hidden gem venues AC are on a serious roll right now and their newly minted record label is just the next step in their world domination manifesto.

The first EP from Animal Crossing Records comes by way of Nayve who delivers a cracking 4-track space focused groove weapon ensemble. Before even listening to the record it is clear that a lot of thought has gone into the release. The artwork and promo video as you will have come to expect from AC is packed full of detail and their trademark cartoon characters are front and center throughout. Once the record is out of its sleeve more detail comes in the form of the limited-run vinyl pressing and its eye-catching pink and blue marbling.

Once the needle is on the record it doesn’t disappoint and Nayve kicks off with A1 track ‘Ratio’ which is an upbeat space houser that plinks and plonks alongside some rather lovely bounding bassline business. Lushness is definitely the order of the day from Nayve as A2 ‘Blu’s Mood’ takes this ethos a little further by stretching out and building up the outer space vibe before a satisfying drop comes thundering back into view. Flipping over B1 track ‘Prysma’ is a bit moodier than the A-side tracks which combine nicely to for a really sweet groove that sweeps and echoes that is fully of neat drops and pickups.

Lastly, and our pick of the release is the Joey Jackson reworking of ‘Prysma’ on B2. Where the original chooses to go straight for the jugular with the beats and bassline Joey opts to sit back a bit and head in a slightly different frequency direction, utilising some super deep sub-bass instead which works especially well with the slightly stripped drums and muted pads. The shuffled drum sections are really effective in changing up the rhythm and giving some added swing. Few labels can lay claim to such a well-rounded and well thought out first release and with the vibe of ‘Ratio’ EP reminding us of some of Viceversa’s work there are clearly some good times ahead for both Animal Crossing’s events and their newly born label.

You can register for the pre-sale of the EP here.

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