Animal Crossing’s The Loft venue launch new all night B2B series ‘VS’

Manchester’s latest venue The Loft expand their all night long series with the new ‘VS’ sessions. Inviting two artists to go head-to-head for the full duration of the evening, the new concept is set to witness some inspiring B2B action in the coming months.

Launching the series on Saturday 19 Feburary, Skoeman and Laidlaw will be serving up the heat in the intimate loft space. Inspired by the fruits of expression that come from extended DJ sets, the collective continue to shine more light onto lengthy sessions in the space.

Francesco Del Garda recently played all night long in the Robert Johnson-esque space, with The Ghost up next this Saturday. Bookings have already brought in some intriguing back to backs, stretching across multiple scenes with the deep digging Quest and Evan Baggs, as well as minimal stalwarts Cally and Gescu both playing extended B2B sets.

The venue also recently introduced a no-camera policy, encouraging dancers to savour the moment and connect with new and old friends in the dance. The minds behind the space Animal Crossing have thrown new life into the Manchester scene in recent years. August’s debut year of the Summer of Love Festival saw the likes of [a:rpia:r], SIT and Onur Ozer to name a few showcased at the taste-making event.

Inspired by the connection between both vinyl digging culture and the minimal movement, world’s continue to collide in a number of spaces allowing for listeners to discover new artists and styles of music.

Next Saturday 12th February sees a mammoth 24-hour showcase in collaboration with the legendary Sunrise agency. Three immense B2B sets feature from Traumer & Cristi Cons, Arapu & Gescu and Sepp & Nu Zau, as well as sets from Priku and the Animal Crossing residents.

Buy tickets for the debut VS session with Skoeman & Laidlaw here.

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