Trommel.196 – Laidlaw

Bee-you co-founder Laidlaw has become a staple at many of Europe’s big draw events – VBX, FUSE, Gottwood, Dimensions, SlapFunk, they have all benefited massively from his fire selections. Having played at pretty much every party worth playing in the UK, Laidlaw is now making strides onto the White Isle with some great dates that have included Eden with One Night Stand, Cova Santa for Do Not Sleep, and of course the Mecca of DC-10 for Sold Grooves. Few artists have the same panache in the studio that they do in the DJ booth and Laidlaw has it in spades. It is this star quality that he brings to the table every time he steps foot behind a set of decks or a rack of synths.

Always delivering a certain sparkle to his musical outings, Laidlaw presents a sunkissed edition of our podcast series. Packed full of crisp grooves, swinging percussion, and basslines that wiggles their way into your ears and never lets go. Although the run time of the recording is bang on an hour, there is a clear journey in hand. As if soundtracking the special moment between sun out, sun down, and then to the business of the main event. Whatever time Laidlaw is selecting the vibes for there is always a spring to be found and an airy swagger afoot.

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