Premiere: A1 – Silat Beksi & Miroloja – 300 Miles [OLOREC003]

French duo Miroloja invite Ukraine’s Silat Beksi to their imprint Olo Records.

Both artists have experienced a fine streak of form in recent years, pushing a sultry, laid back sound spread across multiple releases with heavy support from the likes of Barac, Traumer, and Janeret.

The collaborative approach to this EP offers an interesting fusion of influences, with both artists thriving in funky, minimalist frameworks, yet influenced by opposing sides of Europe. Silat’s signature sleazy, low-slung work is prominent in each track, connecting with Miroloja’s judicious sound design.

Ideas reveal like silhouettes, gradually unraveling and disappearing beneath neat drum patterns in the premiered ‘300 Miles’. Layered atmospheres morph into subtle melodies, weaving between a perpetual, sedative sub-bass encouraging an immersive listening experience.

Whispered vocals invite a moment-making breakdown after four minutes of hypnotism. Glacial piano chords wash over the mix, adding a gentle warmth to the track, without overcrowding the already melody-heavy arrangement.

Sequences are brief and inoffensive, welcoming a multitude of trails and ideas for the human ear to follow throughout the seven minutes.

Two inspired, minimalist cuts complete the EP. Spiraling synths wrap around a moreish bassline in ‘Cokpit’, whilst ‘Ovni’ hosts a dreamy lead synth line, amongst clever sample work on the B side.

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