Trommel.047 – Silat Beksi

Last few years have been a game-changer for Ukranian talent Silat Beksi.

Growing under iO Mulen’s wing, Silat had the time and chance to sharpen his studio skills. The results, despite his young age, followed very quickly, with releases on Pleasure Zone LimitedFrenzy Music, Jelly Beast Limited, What You Want, Vivus Records.

More recently he appeared on Curtea Veche, Hashplant, Akta Records either with solo EP or in collaboration with Daniel Broesecke, and he as well returned on What You Want, Vivus Records. But is maybe his latest EP on Modeight, On My Own EP, played by most of the Romanian camp, which gathered a huge number of attentions on the Eastern Europe jewel.

We welcome him as part of our podcast series, with a smooth 67mins mix

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