Premiere: B2 – Alvaro Medina – No Fear (Silat Beksi Remix) [H24009]

We’re welcoming back H24 Records to our premieres section with the track of Alvaro Medina and the remix by Silat Beksi (actually, everyone here is making a comeback). The record promises us three hypnotic minimal tracks plus some post-party feeling on the remix. I’m curious about that post-party thing, so let’s go.

A very delicate one, the remix of “No Fear” presents us that light side of Silat Beksi’s productions, not in terms of pace but in terms of the mood here. Being slowly built for the first two minutes it is evolving into some afterparty banger after that, but then we can hear something that should sound perfect on some Sunwaves tent stage or the venue like that.

The original version is much more stripped-down and with all those vocals on top of that light percussion, it easily can be imagined in some looong sets of somebody like RV. We also have “Special K” on the record – the track, that probably will catch you on some drum roll inside (or the mentioning of that “K” on the fifth minute, hehe). And also that “Funk You”, a breaksy roller with gorgeous pads inside.

The record is already available for pre-order at some record stores. Decks and yoyaku should get you covered with the purchase if you’ll make them a visit.

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