Premiere: B1 – Giorgio Maulini – No Speed Limit In The Jungle [H24008]

The label H24 Records steps into the minimal duties with their eighth release, this time by Giorgio Maulini. And with a little help from Pressure Point and Dana Ruh, but we’ll talk about it a bit later. Today we’re having the B-side opener.

“No Speed Limit In The Jungle” is the type of swing roller you always like to hear in the club. During the house set it will give you a bit of relaxation, during some broken beat selection – it will pair perfectly with any type of that stuff. Calm intro, going a bit harder after the second minute with those guitar chords here and there. Until we reach their peak.

Dana Ruh, who did a remix for “No Speed Limit In The Jungle”, did emphasize the calmness of the track. With her signature “just right” amount of deepness, she turns this one into some afterparty paradise. The A-side of this release is opening with “OG Kush” – another original track by Giorgio, that starts with a bit of broken vibe, then turns into a straight stomper. The lightest stomper you’ll hear this summer. The remix from Pressure Point here is a bit more aggressive. Like a bite from your sleepy cat in the morning – that type of aggression, you can live with easily.

The pre-sales should start very soon – any good record shop will help you with your purchase of OG Kush EP, you can be sure.

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