Premiere: 2 – Selidos – Snooper [MKS002]

Cover art by Sanni Lehtonen

Maukas Records is the new Finnish record label that pushes the local electronic scene forward. They continue their journey with ‘Authentic Basic’ EP produced by co-founder Selidos.

Emerging from the shadows in Spring 2021, the label and collective aims to put the lights on the Finnish electronic music artists as well as the Finnish visual artists, “and beyond that, to throw bomb ass parties,” they said. At the heart of the project are four local artists from Turku, South Finland : Anton Seling (aka Selidos), Paavo Foley, Eetu Virtanen and Mikael Aaltonen. They’re presenting a second release with ‘Authentic Basic’ EP recorded by member of the crew Selidos. The piece includes two original tracks and a remix by Ukrainian Silat Beksi.

To record this piece, Selidos got inspired by the nightlife in Amsterdam after a year of writer’s block. Coming back to Turku, he went to the studio and produced 12 tracks within one week, including ‘Traveller’ and ‘Snooper’. He started to produce his music focusing on the textures rather than melodies or drums. “When recording the EP, my mood was elevated from the beginning because I was doing something I had not really experienced before,” he said, “and it sounded pretty nice.

Led by a groovy rhythm, ‘Snooper’ whispers breathing tones and deep vibrations over a micro-minimal house aesthetic. The track is airy in its own way, almost eccentric in its subtlety. As Selidos recorded the delays from distorted pads, reverb from phased vinyl crackle and so on, he cut them into some kind of rhythmic sequence and started programming actual drums and leads on top of them. The result is stunning, a unique piece ready to bring a whole audience to another galaxy.

Finally, ‘Snooper’ responds perfectly to the collective ethos: keeping it Maukas, which means ‘tasty’ in English. It’s also a word you can hear on a Finnish dancefloor when the DJ drops a banger or a very qualitative track. “Maukas is the feeling we want to bring forward,” said one of the co-founder of the label, “and anything that embodies that is welcome on board.

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