Premiere: B1 – Brizman – Berlin Moment (Silat Beksi Remix) [CAPRICES001]

Silat Beksi brings a slice of minimalist heaven in the launch of Caprices Festival’s new vinyl label.

The Swiss outfit have been a strong influence on the tastes of electronic music over years as this year marks their 20th edition. Everyone from Ricardo Villalobos and Luciana to Jeff Mills and Richie Hawtin are regular features at this annual feast in the Swiss Alps.

It was only a matter of time before they ventured into the vinyl market and continue their story on wax. The first release arrives in the form of five tracks spread across vinyl and digital from the Berlin-based Israeli Brizman. His previous work has landed on the likes of Subtil and Artreform Records along the likes of Priku and Christopher Ledger which featured on the Trommel channels last year.

His inspired take on minimalist house has caught the attention of Caprices and launches their debut EP with two original cuts exploring deep and sensual moods. The label revealed that the featured track Berlin Moment is a heartfelt tribute to the recent passing of Brizman’s mother. The emotive affair craft beautiful and tender melodies that are backed by the most intricate beats perfect for intimate home listening or deep into the after-hours.

Silat Beksi is called upon to bring his infectious groove to the track in the premiered remix. You will never go far before coming across the Ukrainian wizard in these corners of electronic music. His unfathomable level of output is no less than extraordinary, pumping out an immense quantity of music, edits and remixes, all while maintaining a supreme level of quality and appeal.

Heavily led by groove, his tracks take on an effortless form, navigating the slickest beats and basslines that continue to stun the community. ‘Berlin Moment’ received the Beksi treatment in this remix, injecting his signature sub bass into the low end and slotting a lush, ceramic-like percussion palate that adds a lovely textural vibe to the track.

It’s fair to say this track will be getting heavy support across the house and minimal circuits, harnessing a laid back and timeless vibe that works a treat on almost every dance floor. Caprice’s first step into the vinyl market is a strong and versatile curation which we can be sure to see more interesting and unique combinations as the label evolves.

Tripmastaz also provide two psychedelic-leaning remixes, one alongside Silat Beksi on the record and one available exclusively on Caprices Bandcamp.

You can listen to full clips of Caprices 001 here.

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