Premiere: 3 – Yaroslav Kinsky – Salut [SEMD002]

Barcelona based Yaroslav Kinsky has crafted physical and digital label Same Mind and with it an output for uniquely envisaged minimal music. Having produced the first vinyl release himself and then drafting in Ckema for the first digital release he now returns to his own label for the second digital EP. Featuring three original cuts and a remix from Silat Beksi, ‘Salut’ EP bristles with musicality, hardware ingenuity and top grooves for all sorts of dancefloors.

From the very beginning of Yaroslav’s title track ‘Salut’ the powerful bass begins to take control of the track. Deep tones set the vibe in the right direction as more emotive parts are added to the mix. An almost reeded synth creates much of the sound palette with punchy percussion and unwavering kicks driving the track forward. The warped and glitched vocals add a mysterious aspect to ‘Salut’ that gives an otherworldly slant that will give any dancefloor more than enough to think about in those early hours that this track is undoubtedly designed for.

Having made full use of his combined array of kit that includes Moog One, Eurorack modules and Black Corporation’s Deckard’s Voice synth he hands over the parts to Modeight Records boss Silat Beksi. Here he does what he does best and strips the track back to its trippy fundamentals and then builds it back up to a fire breathing minimal monster. The undulating bassline remains, but the glitched vocals and clipped to sit as punctuation rather than meandering thoughts. Where the original is a paddy cosmic flight, Beksi’s remix is an intergalactic rocket trip.

Heading back to the beginning of the release and ‘Braske’ sits somewhere between the two previous tracks. Ethereal minimal grooves give way to cinematic musicality and synth noodles that are joined by stunningly dreamy Rhodes sections. ‘Whisper’ is a similarly gorgeous piece of electronic music and also makes great use of the Rhodes but with an added intensity that moves this into more dancefloor territory.

SEMD002 is now available via Bandcamp.

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