The story of Sylva Fest begins at Chateau Essonnien, France

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Summer is fast approaching and as the days get longer and brighter, the program for outdoor partying is filling up. While some festivals are returning, others are just beginning. French festival Sylva Fest is one of the new ones. They’ve gone and found themselves a gorgeous spot for the dance, at Chateau Essonnien.

Set an hour from Paris, the festival grounds feature a majestic castle set right in the heart of nature. This idyllic location is being transformed into a hedonistic haven, amidst cool water streams and green grassy chill spots. All enclosed by scenic forest, out of the city and into the countryside.

Over 40 artists will play across two stages, ensuring for an intimate vibe on the dance floor when you’re not soaking up the surroundings. Headliners include Marwan Sabb aka Muse About, Thurman, Silat Beksi, Direkt, Armless Kid and ILyes live. Gates will open on the 1st July for a mammoth 38 hour session and the music will be playing for the entirety.

Alongside the packed schedule of sound, the space offers serene areas for the social and the camping grounds are nestled nicely between the streams. Wellness will also be taken care of. With an onsite masseuse as well the infusion of art, food and the Evil Barre Tattoo.

The scene is set for a memorable one and as is often the case with the first edition of a festival, it will likely be pretty special. Tickets can be purchased via the Sylva Fest website, currently available for €46.20.

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