Premiere: B1 – Marwan Sabb – Freedom Of Split [SVR003]

Marwan Sabb is next up with a slice of classy, up-for-it minimal in the third vinyl release of Sous-Vide Records.

The Norwegian vinyl & self-releasing imprint has a niche vision within the realms of groovy minimalism. Driven to present a timeless portfolio, their roster features both rising artists and established talent who are fueled by a genuine passion for music.

‘Freedom of Split’ is the devilish B-side pick from the release, meandering through garagey basslines and slinky percussion that is dripping with groove. Whilst stepping into minimal territory true to the label’s aesthetic, the French producer Marwan Sabb showcases a real ear for rhythm in this infectious cut.

Sounds are nimble and snappy, creating an addictive groove with simply a few elements. Nifty claps and hi-hats set a pace whilst dreamy chords wash in and out of the mix adding a layer of emotion and depth to this wobbly number. It’s the sign of a producer in fine form showcasing a variety of influences even touching on bleepy, electro textures throughout the seven minutes.

The Sous-Vide crew are no stranger to this sound and have racked up an impressive string of releases on their Bandcamp. 14 EPs explore a diverse range of energies with work from the likes of RQZ, Octave and Luigi Rossi.

Without pinning itself to one specific sound, the label explores a number of influences across its roster which is also evident in their extended DJ sets. Marwan Sabb is a natural fit for the label, the workhorse producer also makes music under the alias ‘Muse About’, exploring a more breaky, acid sound.

The sense of passion and curiosity for all forms of electronic music comes through across the record with unique grooves and fiery basslines. Every track hosts a versatile energy ready to lift the vibe in the club or keep the after-hours ticking on.

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