Premiere: 2 – Yaroslav Kinksy – Voltage Voyage [SEMD008]

Yaroslav Kinsky - Pulse of The Nebula EP artwork

Barcelona based imprint Same Mind is celebrating the eighth release in their digital series. Since launching last year, the label has wasted little time in building a back catalogue. Already with a string of releases on both vinyl and digital, there seems to be nothing slowing them down. Thanks to rapid servings of the sound, a mark is being made in the Spanish city and its Yaroslav Kinksy at the helm.

Kinsky already grooved his first wax release, when he marked the start of his own Same Mind project with Alt EP. He has since invited a bunch of artists to join him for the ride, including Pablo Bolivar, Mihai Popoviciu and Silat Beksi, all on remix duties. The latest to the hit the online shelves features his third artist EP on the label and offering the reinterpretation on this one is French artist Lukea. For the premiere, we’re featuring ‘Voltage Voyage’.

Deep breaks lead the beat, driven by an infectious swing. Percussion taps a cool rhythm, a softly steadying the direction as the warmer elements around it grow. As bolder pads form the bassline, it’s the spacious synths around it that bring the heat. Pleasant chords play lazy melodies, elongated sound that soaks in its glory.

Layers of modulated sound stretch an expedition, feels of futuristic minimalism binding with timeless tinkering of acid. Textured combined, it’s a most satisfying listening that makes the most of its parts.

Buy Pulse of The Nebula EP from Bandcamp, no need to wait for this one as it’s already available.

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