Trommel 2019 picks: this year’s top 100 tracks

    I don’t know about you, but here at Trommel we had an absolute blast in 2019.

    Music’s ability to constantly innovate and surprise is best reflected within it’s underground communities and we certainly saw it in-play across a whole host of genres, scenes, countries, you name it. It’s a stock response to say ‘What a year for music!’ but really, we mean it.

    There’s been so many fantastic releases, so much joy and melancholy generated from all corners of our scene. Our writers pulled together their favourite 100 tracks from the past 12 months to present to you as a now Trommel tradition. We hope to either tip you off about a track you may have missed or remind you of just one how good a certain release was.

    This is in no way a ranking but a simple appreciation and of course we’ve hyperlinked all the track for your listening pleasure. To every producer and label on this list, as well as all the others that made us dance… thank you!

    Without further ado…

    Michael James – Apologies For The Delay [RWL003]
    Taslo Valve / Bowyer – Spunge [NOVIORBISEP 02]
    Grant – Gemini [SITU 111]
    C-Wendy – Velo Rick [ETIKET 001]
    Enrico Mantini / Nudge – MPC5 2012 [VNCBRG 006]
    Muninn – Groetzlieb [SOBR 009]
    Santiago Uribe – Agradecemos Su Preferenci [CV03]
    Fulvio Ruffert – 1994 [EDRV008]
    Felipe Gordon – Mod Heart [BJ026]
    Lombard Street – Only You Babe [HNRV03]
    Nail – Ese Dub [89GHOST013]
    Shatalov – Get Together [LVR27]
    ACID 909 – $$$ [ACD909-2]
    ALVA – Social Club (feat Cosmnonection) [PN009]
    DJ NOB / ARTIFUEL – Murasaki [NOB002]
    Jos – Buzzkill [VLS02]
    Basic Human Tastes – Paddy [324VA002]
    Dawl – Sector 7G [BS03]
    Neuronphase – Resistance [DISRWAX002]
    Marius – German Traffic [DTL003]
    Shamako – Life Sax [RM001]
    Audio Soul Project – North & Damen (Reprise) [FMR69]
    Viceversa – Space (Giuliano Lomonte Remix) [RWL005]
    Jared Wilson – Always Something [USR013]
    Shaolin Fantastic – Dryed Eyes [SPOON005]
    Luca Cazal & Ali Black – Keele (Silverlining Remix) [SD008]
    Boris Werner – Omar Coming [POD019]
    Pressure Point – Riff Interlude [CST011]
    Norken & Nyquist – Auxxx (Spacetravel Remix) [TGR002]
    S Audio – Electric Mind [TWM002]
    Scumdolly – Making Ends Meet (Changing Room Two) [BLKMUSIC004.2]
    Mihai Pol – Phonica Wednesday [MTMLTD003]
    Giammarco Orsini – Italia90 [PTN012]
    AWIN – Miki [AWIN111]
    Fabe – Reason [SN008]
    Mihai Pol – Making Waves [SBTL016] 
    Unknown Artist – Depeche Toi [RCHDTS001]
    Christopher Ledger – Solaris [MEANDER027]
    Unknown Artist – Bium [QNQN2643]
    Nu Zau – Nina La Clape (Vincentlulian Remix) [MTMLTD004]
    Xhz – Jazz 2 Jazz [BEEY003]
    Fabe – IBI [LACLAP44]
    Unknown Artist – A1 [CREATURES004]
    Unknown Artist – Out of Sight [TRAFO002]
    FSK24 – Ockpus [CO3000-02]
    Paolo Macri – Acid Tune [STL002]
    Daif – Mysterious Freakin History [TDO0819]
    Rulo – B03 [ROVAS002]
    Porco Rosso – Cesar [BLANK005]
    Idris Bena – Green Area [FIR002]
    Himalaya Juice Culture – Dr. Q-Tip [OVNIE001]
    DMX Krew – It Might Have Been [LIB012]
    Nemo Vachez – Free Diving [ZORA004]
    Nemo Vachez – Av Spring [FIR004]
    Fumiya Tanaka – Right Moment [PERL124]
    Nadir Sanchez – Cosmic Subway [FIR003]
    Paolo Mosca – What’s Their Name? [SL022]
    And.rea – June [MFLOW10]
    Z@P – Brutalismo [MOJ12]
    Do Or Die – 90s [TP12]
    Innershades – Operator Select [EYA006]
    Manuel Jelen – Terulo Killer [PH004]
    Santiago Uribe – Techno De Subsuelo [PH002]
    Stonem – Antes De Empezar [PH003]
    Gene On Earth – Now 2045 [LD004]
    Santiago Uribe – This Is Only A Test [AOD004]
    ERIS – Moloko [CABARET020]
    Z@P – Mayday [CABARET019]
    Martyné – Weapons Online [GOSU009]
    Sohrab – Lonely Wave [MR02]
    Amorf – Recall [AMPHIA019]
    Nemo Vachez – Lunar Landing [FIR001]
    DDT – Raccord [DISKETTE]
    La Maison De Dieu – Bip Bip [ANTAM004]
    Innershades – Breakbeat DX [9300 Records]
    Diogo – The Curious Case Of Us All [TMFR003]
    Reedale Rise – Light Trails [PROS004]
    Varhat – Singe Aztèque [YYKRSDAY-4]
    Phone Traxxx – Xan Widdecombe [Ringring002]
    ADMNTi – Puddy Muddle [DSD015]
    Ivan Iacobucci – Farout [YAY013]
    DJ Maaco / DJ Overdose – Rainy Night In RotterHague [RHR007]
    Komponente / Kurilo – Dobre Visim [TVIRLTD004]
    Larionov / St Theodore – Broken Dreams [RET006]
    Dawl – Energy Overdrive [HEARLUCINATE001]
    Le Loup – Feel [BNSD002]
    Fede Lijtmaer – It Is Simple [ELMIL006]
    Kirik – Organic 010 (Alex Pervukhin Laconica mix) [COCO01]
    Sukaz – In The Valley of Green & Blue [OP002]
    Ivan Iacobucci – Logic Solution [PERL121]
    Luca Piermattei – La Casa Dei Colori [HWSD013]
    Shonky – Ninouchka [SHNK111]
    Chris Korda – Ra Mi [PERL123]
    Audio Werner – Bass Games [AKU013]
    Adult Fiction – Love Without Words (Italian Mix) [AF02]
    Michelle & Muten – Roll Tubes [OPIA004]
    Detroit’s Filthiest – Voodoo That You Do [TWR02]
    Spacetravel – Sintetic Dub [HC02]
    Cedric Dekowski & Felix Reifenberg – Circacarno [ALB010]
    Charonne – The Life & Death of Mr. Speedy [LMML015]

    See you next year!

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