Premiere: A1 – Fabe – IBI [LACLAP004]

Returning to the vinyl market, the long-running Parisian party La Clap present their fourth outing on their in-house label.

Two distinctive tastes of flavoursome tech house make up the split EP. Fabe continues his prolific streak of releases on the A-side, coming shortly after his debut full-length album, the Mannheim native showcases his slick and seductive sounds.

Tentative, polished melodies meet a full, analogue rooted low end, juggling elegance with solidity. A carefully curated bed of sounds span the entire frequency spectrum, making for a complete and breathable atmosphere. Teasing female vocals shimmer over the rhythm, whilst percussion swings between the bassline. Gently drifting in and out of the mix, loose and fluid automation within the drums creates a human and lucid feel, typical of Fabe’s flavours.

Federico Molinari brings his lean rhythms on the B side. Eerie vocals compliment a moreish bassline in XILO FUN, a powerful, yet delicate tool with the potential to stun dancefloors when played at the right time.

The record will be out soon, available at all good record stores.

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