Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Depeche Toi [RCHDTS001] 

Sunwaves in Romania is one of the best places to road test new music and with there being a never-ending stream of “moments” due to the music being so good artists need to go above and beyond in order to really hit that high note with the crowd.

Fewer tracks hit that special balance between nostalgia and bomb material than this unknown edit of a popular 80’s synth-rock band on new imprint Roche Edits. The fact that Raresh dropped this ridiculously rousing edit in his set to devastating effect says all you really need to know about the track.

The punchy gnarled broken beats glitch and warp while the undulating bassline grabs a hold of the eerie yet uplifting synth line. The shifting vocals that flit in and out of the track sit perfectly with the trippy vibe of Sunwaves and we can see this getting some serious play over the summer months. This paired with another serious edit on the flip side will be Roche Edits first foray into the minimal edits world and hopefully, it won’t be too long before this unknown artist works their magic again.

Buy your copy now from OTG Distribution website or pre-order from, Yoyaku and Deejay.

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