Premiere: A1 – Unknown Artist – Hollywood [RCHDTS002]

What started out life as a platform for label owner Cesar Merveille’s own production under the moniker C.S.R. Roche Madame has now grown to become a home for likeminded artists. With the original tracks by the likes of Alexis Cabrera, Herck and Felipe Valenzuela landing in vinyl stores for mere moments before they are snapped up meant the imprint has quickly risen as a selector paradise.

As a side project to the main label Roche Madame has also been doing a roaring trade in weapons-grade edits and the first foray into this realm produced one of the biggest edits of last summer in ‘Depeche Toi’. Getting plays from the likes of Raresh and Villalobos it was clear that it wouldn’t be long before Roche Madame would return with another killer edits EP.

Kicking off the A1 in strong fashion is a massive nod to the sound of the emotionally charged electronic music of the ’80s in ‘Hollywood’. For fans of Frankie Goes To Hollywood the forlorn synths, snares, and toms of the era will be immediately recognisable. However, when coupled with a driving kick, a seriously low bassline and narration from the female host ‘Hollywood’ points to an altogether different beast. The rolling percussion, the flickering of the synthesizers, and the noise wash crashing all around that the band was so famous it is clear a lot of time and effort has gone into updating this boundary-breaking band and the update in sound has been done with lashings of respect to the source material.

Over on the B side a pair of tracks that are perhaps slightly more subtle edits compared to A1 but killer none the less. B1 track ‘A Trabajar’ features a twilight inducing with a downright screwface inducing bassline, tidy breakbeats and enough cosmic bleeps and pops to transport the listener to DMT-ville. Following on B2 is ‘Clemetimes’ with a much more subdued vibe but still maintaining the broken vibes of the B side. Featuring a slightly pitched up tempo but B2 counterbalances this with some of the lushest moments in the EP. As always Roche Madame Edits delivers in a way few can, we just can’t wait to see what future tracks will be reimagined.

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