Premiere: B2 – Viceversa – Space (Giuliano Lomonte remix) [RWL005]

Looking at the releases of Rowle Records it’s clear to see from the artwork alone that there’s a common theme. The slick record sleeves tell the story of a child’s adventures as he travels through space. The latest release, simply titled Space EP, comes from Italian artist Viceversa and it couldn’t be more on the money for what the label seem to be looking to achieve.

Three deep and melodic artist tracks soundtrack an intergalactic journey through said realm, as soft and delicate synths shroud these pieces in an air of mystery. The remix of Space takes these elements and transforms them into a dance ready beat, courtesy of fellow Italian, Giuliano Lomonte.

The deep growling bassline serves the groove with an added kick packing punch. This is typical of Lomonte’s style, an ever present rolling funk with the soul purpose of making bodies move on the dancefloor. Percussion is equally as prevalent throughout, as fast tapping hi hats and snares burst with energy and holding with it a constant tempo.

This catchy rhythm provides the support for the melodies that follow, quietly creeping in, dancing gracefully across the top. As in the original, warm pads provide the high notes keeping the flavour light and dreamy, whilst smaller samples bleep and cheep underneath, sounds easily likened to things of spaceships and galactic gizmos.

It seems Lomonte’s remix is a hit with the Romanian’s, already getting plays from a long list of favourites including Raresh, Barac and SIT to name a few. Buy the record at and Juno.

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