Premiere: B2 – Niko Maxen – Snooze You Lose (Sublee Remix) [RWL004]

Since being inaugurated back in 2017 with a VA featuring some top artists in the shape of Jack Wickham, Paolo Rocco, V.I.C.A.R.I. and Bobby O’Donnell the Rowle imprint has become known for being a bastion of dancefloor focused quality.

The deep hypnotic space-tinged theme carries through from the artwork to the dance floor as each release delves deeper into the lush yet edgy soundscapes that make Rowle such an essential imprint. For their 4th outing, the vinyl only label has enlisted the production prowess of Pathway Traxx boss Niko Maxen, with releases on Okain’s Talman Records, as well as Roche Noire and Memoria Recordings he is in fine form on the upcoming ‘Spoilt For Choice’ EP.

The 4 track EP benefits from 2 originals from Niko and a break heavy bomb remix from studio partners Makcim and Levi Verspeek, but it is the remix of ‘Snooze You Lose’ from Sublee that cut it for us. Having swapped the upfront bassline of the original for deep undulating pads this masterclass in cosmic minimalism glides along as if being propelled through space at the speed of light. The arching synths forlornly echo the off-world sentiment of Juli Jah’s impressively unique artwork to a tee and it is little wonder that this EP is getting huge support from the likes of SIT, Raresh and the rest of the big rominimal heavy hitters. It is easy to see that great care and attention goes into these releases and long may it continue.

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