Premiere: B2 – Romar – Moments Away [RWL008]

Rowlanz’s namesake imprint has always been heavily supported by the biggest names in the game. The combination of stripped back drum programming, dreamy synths and killer basslines are a deadly formula that works a treat for the likes of Raresh, Prichindel, Viceversa, Petre Inspirescu, Mihai Pol, Silat Beksi, Vern, Sepp, Traumer.

For the eighth release Romar and Nu Zau make their first appearance on the label and with the ‘Moments Away’ EP being in high demand we take a closer look at Swiss artist’s smooth as butter release.

Title track ‘Moments Away’ begins the journey softly softly with gently lapping pads and a stripped abck drum pattern that is purposely designed to leave room for the remainder of the track. Straight away images of a gently swaying palm trees and warm summer air is conjured up and the bumping bassline thuds satisfyingly in the background. Hi hats syth thorugh the mix as a timely reminder that this is no warmup track and is deadly in the hands of the names that have been supporting it way before its release.

Rewinding back to the start of side B and Nu Zau delivers a typically otherworldly version of ‘Backward Thinking’. His undulating style comes in waves throughout and giving just the right amount of space for each element to breath is an art form in itself. Where Nu Zau takes ‘Backward Thinking’ along a 4/4 path the blissful original from Romar leans on a shimmering breakbeat motif that tops off the release very nicely. Yet again Rowle adds another top-notch edition to their growing discography and again the artwork from Julie Jah is right on point. Expect to hear any one of these tracks at the upcoming Sunwaves event, it is as if the track is tailor made for those hazy early morning sessions or indeed any point in the proceedings.

RWL008 is now available to pre-order from

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