Dubla prepare to deliver a pre-summer showcase with their Spring Breakers weekender

Stretching back as far as their first party Romanian outfit Dubla have always delivered the finest line-ups. Focusing on nurturing the new school of Romanian stars and that is exactly the path that pretty much every artist that has graced the Dubla decks has taken. From Charlie, Praslea, Priku, Cosmjn, Cezar, the all command a dancefloor like only they can. So, for their spring party that will run between May 13th and 15th in Iasi they have yet another block busting event that is truly worthy of their usual high standards.

With the extended partying hours stretching out over the course of the full weekend a full cast of artists is required. There is also a need for a wide and varied sound palette and this is exactly what has been arranged for Dubla’s Spring Breakers. In no particular order the artists that will be taking care of the weekend’s soundtrack will be Alex Bogdan, Haokah will play a live set, Heerd, Mischa Blanos will also play a live set, Nu Zau, Orli, S.A.M., SIT, Sublee, Suciu, Quest, plus more to be announced artists will be joining in on the action across the length of the party.

All masters of their craft this huge assortment of stars will present those in attendance with a plethora of options for a lost weekend. Another major part of the Dubla experience is the level of production that goes into their events and of course sound, lighting and visuals are an intrinsic part of their success. Providing the visual trip on this occasion will be Silviu Luda and if previous editions of the pre-summer showcase is anything to go by then this is likely to be one for the books.

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