Premiere: B1 – Nu Zau – Night Shift [CST012]

Italian imprint Castanea Records are about to drop their twelfth release, a welcome return back to form. This comes after a three year hiatus, an extended period of quiet for the vinyl only platform. Prior to the break, Castanea were creating a tasty back catalogue that began back in 2014. Now, they’re back in business and it’s Nu Zau on the announcement with Night Shift EP.

The Sunrise specialist serves this one up amidst a hefty touring schedule. Alongside his partner in crime Sepp, plans penned include Club Guesthouse, Animal Crossing, HOME and Sunwaves. Just like his live, Nu Zau’s releases bring slick minimalism, bursting with that rolling Romanian flavour of bassline and groove. This three tracker brings more of his refined sound, with a complete reinterpretation from fellow sunrise affiliate and artist Dubtil.

For the premiere, we’ve taken the title track. ‘Night Shift’ is the more determined of the bunch, bubbling with a punchy bass wrapped in playful synth. Juicy textures flicker melody, strokes of sound caressing canvas, painting an ever evolving picture in its progression.

Underlining funk drives the need to move. The mood is steady and subtle, tickled with the niceties of a bouncing pitch. Strange sampling satisfy, warped voice joining the glittering electronics that shift and shutter in the back. Let the journey commence, and prepare to be well immersed.

Buy the record from and is due for release on 28th April.

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