Premiere: A2 – Superlounge – Tool12 (Mihai Pol Remix) [TS001]

German duo Superlounge have been helping to shape the house and techno landscape for a very long time and one good thing about being in the game this long is their enviable back catalogue. As well as their releases that have littered the most influential imprints in the deep minimal sphere they also have a treasure trove of tracks from their “Tool#” series to call upon. For their next release they have handed the reins over to Mihai Pol, Nu Zau, and iO Mulen to join them in remixing previous editions.

We pick up the release with one of the top remixes from the EP from Romanian Mihai Pol. He has taken charge of “Tool12” and where the original begins life with an almost plucked guitar motif, Mihai has chosen to strip things right back in order to build things into his own design. Pol’s crisp, swinging  production style is always a joy to behold, with the percussion effortlessly dancing in and out of view while more elements unfold. Mihai Pol has such a unique skill being able to produce such deep, dubby tracks but that hit so hard and his remix is a perfect example of such a style.

With Superlounge’s style being on the deep side there are a plethora of artists that could have stepped in, but they have hit the nail on the head with the nod going to Nu Zau for the reworking of “Tool10”. With the original already being a fairly techy number, Nu Zau utilises his signature tightly woven grooves to elevate the original to devastating levels.

The third guest remix falls to iO Mulen and his work on “Tool5” is a stunning dream of a track. Instead of looking to turn the track on its head and move it into a higher plane, Mulen keeps it deep and flips it into another cosmic plane. It is impossible to compare the two as they are both prime examples of silky smooth reduced house, but Mulen’s work is punchy from the outset but soon attaches a super warm bassline to those kicks while working in a sweet fluted synth and forlorn atmospheres that he is adept at crafting. 

The final reworking falls to Superlounge themselves where they opt to reimagine one of their earliest tracks in “Tool3” and while the original version could easily be a brand new release it is their remix that perhaps echo’s work past. Treading a much more dubbier route than the original, this new version for their new vinyl series is spot on when it comes to bringing this up to date. If you havnt checked out the rest of Superlounge’s “Tool#” series surely these remixes will force you to cast your eyes towards their Bandcamp page.

You will be able to grab your copy of TS001 via their Bandcamp page from today.

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