Premiere: 2 – Alain de Saracho – Electric Koolaide (iO Mulen Remix) [SDD001]

American artist and promoter Alain de Saracho has already made huge strides on his home turf of LA with the calibre of parties that has welcomed the likes of Politics of Dancing, Oshana, and Michelle. Of course, it wasn’t long before his brand Saturn Drive Records was born and with it a podcast series and label and this is where we pick up the story again after we premiered their first release back in 2020. They already began their imprinted story back at the tail end of 2020 with their debut release with original work from badman Christian Burkhardt and a remix from Parisian hotshot Politics of Dancing. With a reduced EP that has been simmered down to an original from label head Alain and a fire remix from iO Mulen it is a digital only outing this time around for Saturn Drive Records.

The original mix of ‘Electric Koolaide’ undulates and a thick paddy bassline that is so wide that it threatens to envelope the whole track. This is of course a fantastic thing as its energy is so powerful that it instantly grabs the attention of the room and doesn’t let go until the end of the track. Sitting just above the gnarly bassline dances the sparkling pads and the inner monologues of those experimenting with said Electric koolaide.

This brand of cosmic flavoured groove tools is well explored territory for iO Mulen and he is an absolute master of this direction of banger. Upping the BPM a tad, iO builds and teases with phrases from the original vocals and snare rolls to the point of no return. The intensity is maintained throughout the track and so will likely need tempered with something sparser to prevent the dancefloor from being sent into overdrive. This is one of the many talents of iO as he is able to inject so many feelings and emotions into his tracks and this track is positively bursting with colour thanks to the original source material from Alain just with an added sprinkle of magic on top.

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