Seattle’s Makes Me Human prepare to unwrap their first birthday

Seattle brand Makes Me Human has since launching just over a year ago been ensuring that they are a must hit spot for quality music on the West Coast. Since that first event back in August of 2021 MMH have focused their efforts in bringing our scenes top artists to their corner of the world that, by their own admission would usually follow the NYC-MIA-LA circuit. What started as a free outdoor party has now bloomed into a viable local scene akin to that found in San Fran, LA, Miami and New York.

Photography by SSAT.639 – Bellingham, WA

The Makes Me Human team consisting of four close friends Benjamin, Chandan, Kristijan, Parker and Todd have built up quite a reputation amongst the flourishing Seattle music scene. Kristijan and Benjamin’s involvement in Seattle events goes back to 2015, with previous party brands subMerge and Grounded helping promote a number of local music artists. As a result of this collaborative effort they have given a huge amount of international stars their Seattle debut. In no particular they have welcomed SEPP, Mihigh, Varhat, Direkt, Volen, Alexandra, Cosmjn, Lizz, Miss I, Z@p to Seattle for the first time as well as Daniel Bell, Janeret, 214, Satoshi Tomiie, and Amir Javasoul.

Prior to Makes Me Human, founders/residents Kinjo (Kristijan) and Konfier (Benjamin) launched local label Rhizome, releasing both vinyl and digital to showcase original productions from local West artists. These original local works are then remixed by the label’s heroes from the underground. This connection was realised when they hosted a record release party of Seattle’s Summit Dub in Los Angeles in November 2021 and paired Summit Dub with his Romanian remixer Cosmjn at our May 2022 edition at Kremwerk.

Photography by SSAT.639 – Bellingham, WA

With all this action in the rear view, the MMH team are now looking to celebrate their first birthday with yet another top-flight debut on Saturday, October 7th. A shining star in the Romanian minimal sphere hotshot producer Mihai Pol will be landing in Seattle for the first time ever when he headlines Makes Me Human. Providing the supporting grooves at their spiritual home of Kremwerk will be founding members Kinjo and Konifer. MMH have also confirmed that there is even more top music coming to Seattle where they have Arapu on November 4th and Doubtingthomas who as well as playing live will also be making his Seattle debut on December 2nd.

In just a year Makes Me Human have managed to cram in a huge amount of firsts and this quote says it all, “My imagination makes me human and makes me a fool; It gives me all the world and exiles me from it.”  – Ursula K. Le Guin.

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