Premiere: A1 – Mihai Pol – Trip Pe Stupini [RTC003]

An artist that is regarded in such high regard by the minimal community any piece of work from Mihai Pol always comes with a certain excitement. Add to that and the long awaited next instalment from RTC Series and you have yourself a rather special release on your hands. Usually at this point we would point out who is behind our latest exclusive play but we won’t point out the obvious with Mihai as his work more than speaks for itself.

Thanks to COVID-19 this has helped to really shift back the release schedule of the label as well as their event series. We are however very glad to confirm that both are now in track but more on the parties later. For now, let’s concentrate on the beautifully constructed ‘Shake A Leg’ EP from Mihai Pol.

A1 ‘Trip Pe Stupini’ is an absolute master class in restrained, evolving minimalism. The 10 minute plus run time just doesn’t even seem long enough to enjoy the gently unfolding tapestry of sounds. Piano rolls cascade out of the mix and flow over the whipping drums underneath all the while a gripping bassline works its magic elsewhere. Like a breezy summers day vocal winds blow into view and bring with it more abstract synths to add to the dreamy picture. Completing side A, A2 ‘Pretty’ is exactly that. Forlorn pads and sweet synths work in tandem to conjure more bitter sweet memories from the mind of Mihai. Roomy reverb expands the track upwards while a counter vibe sweeps in behind it such is the skill of the skilled Romanian.

Flipping over to side B, and while A was a dream like meander B1 and title track ‘Shake A Leg’ is much more insistent. Bounding drum programming and a neat collection of backspin samples and tightly wound FX give a uniquely propelling energy. Completing RTC003 is ‘Oaia Verde’ and the more break beat direction rounds out the release nicely. As always there is a sound palette at play that can only be found in a Mihai Pol production.

We hinted at a return to events Round the Corner and with RTC004 and 005 coming later in the year there is plenty of time to concentrate on their future plans. Their first party will take place at Freida’s Büxe on March 11th and will feature Pressure Traxx’s Arno as well as news incoming of their 6th birthday celebration at Hoppetosse in April. On the team sheet is rumoured to be Prichindel, Viceversa, Mathieu, Dona K and of course founders and Tobe. Respectively, is readying a release on Sanguina with Olivian Nour as well as an American tour with Hunter Vita. Meanwhile Tobe is currently working on his next EP’s, album and preparing for dates in London, Berlin and Munich. It is safe to say that RTC Series is back with a bang.

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