Premiere: A1 – Last Pines – Solitaire [RTC004]

Brothers Clay and Heath Ostrer are next to present their ever growing skills on the next awaited edition of RTC Series. The label is only four releases deep in its adventure but it has already garnered critical acclaim thanks to releases from & Aamir, Alci and most recently Mihai Pol, so the UK based artists are in very good company. 

We take aim at the first of the two original works by Last Pines and “Solitaire” is a slick glitched out affair that packs seriously low slung grooves. Tightly woven in drum fills and delicately positioned hat trills really help to spread the action around the auditory field and the almost randomised analog hits combine together to produce a cohesive sound palette, albeit a satisfyingly abstract one. The background textures are also very noteworthy here too as they add a tense hint of drama which matches nicely with the pitched down vocal clips that flicker in and out of the track.

The original version of “Solitaire” is then given an upbeat, even optimistic reworking from RWN, featuring additional bells that swell the track to a different level entirely. The airy pad is also a real joy when added to the mix filling the track out to become an almost living breathing entity. Not to detract from the original source material in any way, simply horses for courses.

The completing track found on the entirety of side B is “Osiris Mino” and the extended, jazz flecked minimal workout also benefits from pitch black vocals, a slight sense of foreboding in the background detuned textures. There is of course a shard of light that peers in by way of the sultry sax licks, but this is quickly snatched away by the overarching plumes of synth. A serious record for a serious label, a taste of what is to come from Last Pines.

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