Premiere: A1 – RWN – Flug [MLNT004]

RWN - Flug cover art

Moulinet is ending 2020 on a high with their latest release. As the catalogue grows in a steady fashion, it is clear there is an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. Previously we had MLNT002. The latest in the series is no different, inviting a meticulous EP from RWN that delivers on all three tracks.

RWN first featured on our pages earlier this year with a stand-out vinyl-only debut on Fake Society Records. ‘Choices’ on the premiere was deeply atmospheric and full of positive flavour. It seems the Parisian artist has found his own unique style and he is sticking with it.

His contribution to Moulinet comes in the form of ‘Plumo’ EP and we’ve taken ‘Flug’ from the A-side for the premiere.

There is an infectious groove deep-rooted into this one, thanks to a complex bassline that just makes you wanna dance. Melodies dominate across the board, making ‘Flug’ a truly thoughtful piece from one building block to the next. It’s the tense piano keys that start the story off, later joined by fluttering notes of delicacy.

Delayed claps and incoherent chatter twists in with a darker emotion but the hopeful synth line remains at the core, drifting along leisurely in the background. The progression here is quite magical, excelling after a stripped back centre of calm. The pads and synth sets align to make an inherent emotion, brushed with equal measures of dramatisation and warmth.

More of the same stems through the rest of the release. ‘Candles’ on A2 has a little more determination in its minimalistic rhythms while the title track comes commanded by a low-slung groove.

The record is available exclusively at and can be purchased here.

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